Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

Flash lamps are very intensive UV and IR sources. This can be used in the industry:

  • You wish to sinter metallic inks without heating the film?
  • You wish to sterilise as fast as lightning and with high intensity?

Intelligent arc and flash lamps can be used in these and similar RTP processs. See how it works!

Xenon output spectrum

Rapid Thermal Processing refers to manufacturing processes:

  • which heat materials to high temperatures
  • on a timescale of seconds or even milliseconds

Such rapid heating rates are often attained by high intensity lamps or lasers.

Xenon Flash lamps can serve a wide range of processes where high energy output is needed across the broadband spectrum, from 160nm – 1000nm. The light output can be used as an energy source for the curing, heating or annealing of surfaces or coatings. Flash lamps can be operated as Continuous or Pulsed light sources, and by altering the pulse shape, duration or current density can maximise output for your desired wavelength range, and achieve optimal process results.

A unique industry combination of flash lamp technology, system design, power delivery expertise and energy density homogeneity prediction, puts Noblelight Arc and Flash in an ideal position to offer you the most efficient customized solution for your Rapid Thermal Processing requirements.

Xenon lamps sinter copper ink quickly and efficiently. Highly conductive and stable electronic circuits can be formed, without damaging temperature sensitive substrates.

If you are interested in this topic, please read our case story.


If you want to learn more about Noblelight flash lamps for printed electronics, you can watch our video from LOPEC 2017.

Your advantages

  • UV to IR spectrum
  • High peak power pulses - Megawatt/cm2 (MW)
  • Short pulse durations - microsecond (us)
  • Fast repetition rates - kilohertz (kHz)
  • Instant On / Off cycle
  • No temperature build up - high temperature processing on low temperature substrates
  • Integrated energy monitor
  • Easy lamp replacement
  • Integrated QRC© reflector for optimum energy delivery
  • High throughput
  • Stackable optical modules allow larger exposure areas
  • Flexible operating software
  • Ease of integration into external systems
  • Non-toxic (no Hg)

Applications areas

Xenon output spectrum
  • Sintering of Metal Oxides
  • Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)
  • Flash Lamp Annealing (FLA)
  • Photovoltaic cell / module testing
  • Curing
  • Disinfection
  • Semiconductor processing