Infrared Heat for Paper, Card Board, Non-Wovens

Paper, card board or non-woven materials are equipped with coatings so that they can be used for special purpose, for filtration, medicine and hygiene or food packaging. The necessary drying processes are optimally solved by modern infrared emitters.

Infrared Emitters for efficient drying and finishing of paper, card board and non-wovens

Infrared Booster increase Output of Production of Filtration Materials

Infrared booster for filtration materials

An infrared module from Noblelight has helped to solve a production problem and achieve significant increases in the manufacturing output of the activated carbon filtration materials it supplies for a wide range of industrial applications.

Infrared system for non-woven fabrics for medical purpose

IR heating system for non wovens

An infrared heating system has significantly improved the throughput of coated, non-woven fabrics to meet increased demands for the products for medical and hygiene markets.

Infrared improves corrugator capacity of coated board

Infrared heat for corrugator board

An infrared drying system has helped to improve corrugator capacity of coated board. The installation of the new infrared system has also contributed to a reduction in downstream waste as well as a decrease in energy usage.

Infrared emitters save energy in coating of board for food packaging

Infrared heat for food packaging

An infrared system has dramatically reduced energy costs in the coating of board for food packaging. By eliminating the use of steam, the new system has also reduced board spoilage caused when there are unanticipated line stoppages.

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