Nox module for enviromental monitoring

How a Plug & Play Lamp Module Improves UV-RAS Instrument Design & Manufacturing

Cost effective and easy to integrate and assemble into real-time continuous emissions and air quality monitoring (CEM) instruments

Designing and manufacturing UV Resonance Absorption Spectroscopy (UV-RAS) emissions monitoring instruments has been difficult in the past due to challenges in tuning the UV-lamp operation with its environment. Design engineers spent time specifying and then tuning a lamp and power supply to optimize lifetime and lamp intensity.

Designers can overcome this challenge and save time by using a UV lamp source that is pre-tuned with a corresponding power supply. This was the idea behind Noblelight’s NOx module which integrates an electrodeless discharge lamp (EDL) and the corresponding power supply into a compact box. The NOx Module illuminates the measurement cell directly, eliminating the need for any additional optical connection.

The NOx Module is easy to design into your continuous emission monitoring (CEM) instrument and simplifies manufacturing assembly to deliver a more cost effective solution.

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NOx module for environmental monitoring
NOx module for environmental monitoring

More Accurate Emissions Monitoring Instruments and Pollution Analysis

Common methods for measuring NOx include sensor technologies based on chemiluminescence and electrochemical techniques. The electrochemical technique cannot measure NO and NO2 at the same time. Chemiluminescence (CLD) measures NO and then calculates NO2 content based on an assumed NO:NO2 ratio. In addition, NOx can be measured with infrared radiation, but measurements can be affected by the content of H2O and CO2 in the sample.

Direct measurement of both NO and NO2 is the more precise way to measure Total NOx for Continuous Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring and measurement in the UV-region avoids the influence of H2O and CO2. Enabling fast and accurate absorption measurements without cross-interference from water and CO2, the NOx Module saves time during the measurement process and makes continuous (real time) measurements possible with high measurement confidence - a real competitive advantage for UV-RAS compared to other technologies.

Your advantages

  • High quality measurement – no crossover of H2O, CO and CO2 and good sensitivity because of NOx-specific emission lines
  • Reduced design-in costs – complete Plug & Play module for a simple integration in your system
  • Pre-tuned settings – Optimized settings for a long lifetime and performance
  • Less operating costs – No consumables per measurement and easy replacement of the module

Application areas

Sources of NOx are predominantly man-made: burning fossil fuels for energy generation, such as coal-,oil- and gas-fired power stations, refuse incineration, some chemical processes and vehicle fuels, like modern diesel cars, used for land, water and air transportation. Nox measurement is used for:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Smoke stack monitoring
  • Emission control testing
  • Marine exhaust monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
Emission control testing
Environmental monitoring
Air quality monitoring
NOx Module N01
Ident. No. 80143476
Spectral distribution 200 - 800 nm
Window material fused quartz
Lifetime > 8.000h
Light Output (irradiance 200-400 nm) 0.1 mW/cm² (typical)
Light Output Drift < 1 * 10-3/h (typical)
UV risk group 2
Light Output (diameter) 8 mm
Size (L x W x H) 105 x 80 x 57 mm
Power supply Voltage 12 ± 0,05 V
Power consumption (operation) 2 W
Power consumption (ignition) 4 W
Lamp ingnition automatically
Ignition time < 5 min
Weight 550 g
Operating temperature 0 - 60°C
Relative Humidity < 90%, non-condensing
Cooling not required
Electrical connector Phoenix Connector MVSTBU 2,5/2-GB-1,08