UV curing for plastic decorating and coating

A wide variety of plastic product manufacturers use UV curing to increase production rates and improve product aesthetics and durability

UV curing of plastic coatings

Plastic products are decorated and coated with UV curable inks and coatings to improve both their appearance and performance. Typically plastic parts are pretreated to improve adhesion of the UV ink or coating. UV decorating inks are typically screen, inkjet, pad or offset printed and then UV cured.

Most UV curable coatings, typically clear coatings that provide chemical and scratch resistance, lubricity, soft-touch feel or other properties, are sprayed and then UV cured. The UV curing equipment is built into or retrofitted into automated coating and decorating machinery and is usually one step in a high throughput production line.

Your advantages with UV curing

  • Improved product quality and durability
  • Increased production rates
  • Flexibility to coat and decorate heat sensitive plastics without damage
  • Reduced floor space
  • Environmentally friendly since no VOCs and less energy

Your applications using UV curing

  • Protective coatings of consumer electronics and automotive parts such as smart phone cases, display screens, and headlight lenses
  • Decoration on packaging such as yogurt cups, cosmetic containers and beverage
  • bottles and caps
  • Functional coatings on catheters
  • Protective coatings on eyeglass and other optical lenses
  • Decoration and printing on knobs, displays, keyboards, syringes, and branded promotional items such as writing pens and key chains