Continuous wave lamps - CW laser lamps

CW laser lamp

The CW laser lamp is a gas discharge lamp used to pump solid-state lasers in many industrial applications like cutting and marking. Noblelight offers CW laser lamps either made to customer specification or as standard replacement lamps. A wide range of fill pressures and electrode lamp geometry make it possible to optimize lamp effiency and extend lifetime.
Noblelight has many years of experience in providing CW arc lamp and they are widely recognized as one of the leading product in the market.

Application areas:

 Laser for welding, cutting, engraving & marking

Key features of CW laser lamp:

  • Quality raw materials and inspection
  • High standards of manufacturing and traceability
  • Consistent build quality
  • Variety of lamp connections available
  • All lamps tested to specification
  • Large manufacturing capacity
  • Superb customer support
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Highly skilled workforce