Ignite Technology - HIT

Heraeus Ignite Technology

Arc and Flash lamps are used for a variety of different applications. For precise measure of distance in laser based range finders, for laser excitation in industry also for aesthetic and sun simulation applications. These lamps must work reliably and the ignition process should be constant and repeatable.

The development of Ignite Technology (HIT) embodies Arc and Flash lamps of Noblelight, which have a trigger spot. Through a new specific developed manufacturing step the electrode material will be vacuum metalized in a certain form and on a fixed place in the lamp. This reduces the Ignition voltage and makes the Ignition process more reliable.

Your advantages

  • Reduced contaminant to quartz
  • Reduced gas poisoning
  • Effective arc region is not reduced
  • Consistent and repeatable results
  • Cosmetically better
  • No negative effect on lifetime

Reduction of the trigger voltage of more than 60%

Through laser processing a defined amount and shape of evaporated material is created on the quartz inner surface. This has minimal effect on the optical properties of the quartz material and thereby the lamp lifetime is not compromised.

  • The process significantly reduces the ignition voltage.
  • The ignition process is more reliable and more constant.
  • It is possible to utilize a more powerful lamp to be used without replacing the pulse generator.
  • The operator can use his available equipment and potentially increase his efficiency clear.

Where to use HIT?

  • Where customers report poor or unreliable trigger
  • Where there is a limit on the existing psu trigger circuit
  • Can be used on AC or DC lamps
  • Can be applied to anode or cathode
  • Air cooled and water cooled applications