Infrared Modules

Infrared radiation transfers heat directly and at high efficiency. Infrared heating technology means heat only where it is needed, at the optimal wavelength for the material and in line with the process.

Different wavelengths are more suitable or less suitable for a particular process according to the absorption properties of the material and the practical requirements of the production process. Heraeus is a specialist in custom-built infrared heaters. We assist in the selection of the optimal type of heater for each application. Heraeus helps develop solutions that are matched precisely to the requirements of the user. The development of heaters is centered on the needs of customers and the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Heraeus infrared modules comprise one or more infrared lamps mounted in a suitable housing and usually wired into a terminal box mounted on the back of the unit. System solutions include modules and a control panel designed to meet the requirements of the individual process.

Modules - Designed for the process

The great strength of Heraeus lies in the tailor-made solutions we offer customers. Our experienced personnel construct modules to meet customer application requirements. We draw upon the latest technology, such as three-dimensional CAD techniques. Modules can be built from all infrared lamps to dimensions that suit customers' plant with outputs necessary for the specific process. We use process data to aid in the selection of the optimal heaters for the material to be heated. Heraeus modules are tailored solutions offered with or without ventilation and designed to meet all issues such as heater type, thermal and mechanical stability, air movement and operating environment. They are designed to be fitted into an existing plant or for installation into new lines.

Infrared modules can be provided as part of a complete solution. This can provide simple on/off control of lamps; full closed-loop control where substrate temperature is measured and heaters are regulated to maintain the required heating profile; or anywhere in between. The control panel provided will be a wallmounted or floor standing enclosure equipped with all the necessary electronic and electrical equipment.

Modules can come in various forms, designed to suit the process. Depending on the process parameters, the product web widths or special temperature profiles, Heraeus can design and build flat large heating fields, individually shaped modules, tunnels or ovens as needed.

Industrial manufacturing processes need heat for many different stages of production. Infrared modules reliably and efficiently heat product webs; dry lacquers and activate adhesive; assist in the forming of plastics; and are used in the production of foodstuffs. Infrared modules facilitate the application of infrared heat in virtually all sectors.

Flexible and Economical

Heraeus Modular Systems are the ideal solution in the application of infrared heat technology.

The program is available in a variety of formats from simple cut-to-length reflectors to engineered panels and controls. Off-the-shelf units are available for quick delivery and rapid replacements of spare parts.

The systems come complete and ready for operation, saving the user design and installation costs. Problems such as heater design, mountings, terminal expansion, mechanical heat distortion, electrical wiring, air routing, cooling and operator protection have already been solved long before the system is delivered.