Heratron power dosing, control and regulation for infrared modules

Infrared emitters with adjusted control

Infrared modules give heat a practical shape. Once we know your application, we will deliver the optimal emitter, the matching IR module and also an adapted control system.

From simple power controllers to complex, fully integrated PLC-based automation solutions: Our control units optimize the results of your infrared emitters in all power ranges.

Your advantages

  • Infinitely variable power output setting, with zero wear, low loss semi-conductor power boards.
  • Power-setting methods matched to your process.
  • Nominal value setting for the infrared output by potentiometers, regulators or external signals.
  • Interface points with the control can be classical contacts, analog signals or through modern fieldbus systems.
  • A robust housing, suitable for harsh industrial applications, with high protection and electrical safety.
  • Contact breakers or fuses protect emitter connections with small, easily manageable power cross-sections.
  • An emergency stop for isolating the load from the mains supply in the event of emergency.
  • The failure of an emitter, a load fuse, a load board or a load voltage can be identified and reported.
  • Control and monitoring, including automatic control of module ventilation and temperature monitoring of the infrared emitter module.
  • Industry-standard regulators, which are flexibly configurable, with display of nominal and actual values, timers, program indicator, ramp function, limit function PID self-optimization and manual/automatic test.