3M VPS Series Upgrade Options

Learn about options for upgrading your existing VPS UV curing systems

No matter whether you use your VPS UV curing systems in a laboratory setting or for manufacturing production, it’s time to think about options:

  • Extend useful life with a direct replacement solid state power supply – reduces energy costs and enables real-time monitoring
  • Upgrade to the latest UV LED curing technology – reduces energy and total cost of ownership

Learn more about each option below.

Direct Replacement power supply

If you have an existing VPS system, you can upgrade your VPS6 power supply to a new solid state version, the LightHammer® LHP10H Mark IIM. The new direct replacement power supply reduces energy costs, works with existing I600 and I250 irradiators, blowers and RF detectors, and is AIMS enabled for real-time monitoring.

 Download data sheet LHP10H Mark IIM

*For discontinued products Noblelight strives to support with parts for a minimum of seven years and in some cases well beyond. Please  contact Noblelight directly for parts availability.

UV LED curing technology

Replace your VPS systems with UV LED curing technology. Significant advances in UV LED curing technology -- effective thermal management and precise optical design -- means better reliability and expanding applications.

Noblelight offers a broad UV LED curing system product portfolio including advanced high-power, water-cooled systems for challenging converting and coating applications.

 Learn more about our UV LED products!

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