UV LEDs for Drying and Curing - Semray® and Phoseon®

UV LED is the industrial standard for curing and drying processes, due to its efficiency and energy-saving potential.

Excelitas offers UV LED curing solutions and customer specific UV LED curing systems tailored to your process. The high performance and long lifetime will help you achieve better and faster results.

Our air- and water-cooled UV LED curing product portfolio offers different power classes and lamp head sizes to fit various industrial applications. To suit your process best, we have wavelengths from 365 nm to 405 nm available. Not only do we offer appropriate controlls and cooling systems, but also customized solutions to meet the customers unique needs.

UV LED products

The applications of UV LED curing have been growing and keep growing in existing and new markets largely due to less heat onto the substrate. This means heat-sensitive materials or parts can now be UV cured without damage. Different wavelengths ensure a safe and fast curing or drying.

In addition, UV LEDs do not need any warm-up time, can be switched on and off as often as required, and are immediately ready for operation at any time all of which significantly reduces production downtime.

All UV LED curing systems require proper thermal management or cooling method, to ensure a long operating life and reliable operation. Users can choose between water- or air-cooled UV LED curing systems depending on their process and production needs. While water cooling offers high power solutions in challenging industrial environments, air cooling offers easy and fast integration.

Learn more about the different cooling systems and our system solutions:

Additional services:

Customized UV LED solutions

Customer-specific developments are our strength. Talk to our UV LED experts if our standard versions do not fit your requirements. Together with you we will develop your special solution.

The basis for customized developments are standard products that are flexibly designed:

  • Flexible in sizes and lengths, dependingon machine width
  • Flexible in connections for peripheral devices
  • Flexible in optical concepts for different applications and working distances

 Please reach out to our global contacts for further discussion.

UV LED Curing Technology - Your advantages

Optimal adjustment to the process

UV LED by Excelitas offers various solutions from water to air cooled systems of different intensities. You need a specific lamp size? Reach out to our expert.

Experts for customer specific solutions

Our range of UV LED wavelengths offer solutions to many industrial drying and curing processes. In addition, a wide range of working distances are possible with our system portfolio.

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Reliable & constant quality

Our in-house design and production of chip-on-board LED technology means you get reliable process results. Fast on/off cycles or switching does not reduce operating lifetime - our product is long lasting and requires less maintenance.

Cost saving

There are many cost factors that need to be considered as you evaluate products. Learn more in the Total Costs of Ownership video.

UV at a push of a buttom

Our ozone-free technology not only requires no exhaust, but is ready to use at the push of a button. Due to the LED technology used, fast switching cycles are possible and easy to implement.