Steribelt Disinfection System for sterilisation of food processing conveyor belts

Food producers face many challenges in regards to HACCP hygiene regulations including the disinfection of conveyor belts.

Steribelt UV system for sterilisation of assembly belts

However, you can solve this problem with our Steribelt Disinfection System. The high performance Steribelt UV system is used primarily to desinfect the surfaces of conveyor belts in the meat-processing industry.

Due to the flat geometry of the indium amalgam lamps in the module, Steribelt ensures that more than 50% of the power is directed straight at the surface so there is a significant efficiency increase.

Your advantages

  • Maximum output due to the use of an amalgam lamp
  • No chemicals used
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to compact steel casing and simple emitter replacement
  • Requires no external air or water cooling
  • Washable due to protection class IP67
  • LampSafe shatter protection with exceptional UV transmissivity
  • Efficiency can be measured and documented for quality control
  • Available with different lengths
  • Easy to retrofit to existing system
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Reliable disinfection – long operating life and minimal product residue on the surface due to rotational symmetry

Application areas

Desinfection of food processing conveyor belts

Especially suitable for the disinfection of:

  • Food processing conveyor belts, especially meat processing and packaging
  • Bottle sealing caps
Technical data of the Steribelt system
Window width 280 mm - 900 mm
Overall length approx. 578 mm - 1,198 mm
Lamp type Amalgam Flat Lamp
Nominal power 30 W - 100 W
Protection class IP 67
Power supply unit (built-in unit) electronic
Peak emission 253.7 nm
Irradiance at 20 mm 20 - 25 mW/cm²
Warm- up time 15 - 30 min