UV LED Series: Semray® UV 5000+

The ideal UV light source for short delivery times and higher quality printing, resulting into less quality claims especially for online print shops and overnight deliveries.


The “+” makes the difference for high speed printing applications

Players on the printing market are facing tremendous challenges: competition increases, and new applications are introduced in short time frames. Therefore, the development cycles of new presses with improved efficiency and more flexibility are shorter than ever before.

A unique solution: Semray® UV5000+

The Semray® UV5000+ series rises this challenge and provides a unique solution for new and used presses. Unbeaten for industrial printing applications UV LED “+” is designed for a higher performance and a flexible integration. All components are perfectly matched to ensure a high and uniform UV output for optimum printing results – even at large working distance.

Semray® UV5000+

“Up to 30 percent more UV energy for high speed printing even on heat sensitive substrates.“

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Reduce your CO2 output und save taxes? Rethink your drying technology!

The Performance Plus: Special optical concept for high intensity even at long working distance

Semray 5000+ Grafik

What is it that makes the new 5000+ models so special? We guide photons to the process as we believe efficiency is key! A set of unique optical concepts lead the photons leaving the UV-LED chips to higher working distances.

This is a decisive factor for commercial success: It ensures optimal energy for processes a higher working, distances – with a minimal loss of energy on the way. But how does it work? The Noblelight quartz glass optics offer the additional benefit: They are not only highly transmissive, but also do not show any aging effects due to UV light.

Therefore, our optics based on quartz glass offers a welldosed and safe photons delivery, especially at longer working distances. It isn’t just the number of LED chipsthat matter, but how much energy interacts with the substrate.

Semray 5000+

The UV-LED of Semray® UV5000+ is paving the way to a perfect printing result


With our long-term experience in the sheetfed offset market, we understand the optimal use of UV in printing and we are happy to accompany you on your journey to a perfect print.

UV-LED in printing is already a long-established technology enabling due to the use of optimized inks brighter colors and sharper shapes. The fast on-off switching of UV-LED facilitates energy savings as UV LED can be switched of between every sheet of printed material as well as energy saving due to the format selection in adaption to sheet sizes. UV-LED further empowers faster production cycles as UV-LED prints can be further processed without additional ink or coating drying steps.

Semray® UV5000+

Benefits at a glance

  • Highest output at 60 mm distance increases the printing speed dramatically
  • Ozone and VOC free technology requires no air flow section, which saves energy and space for blowers and additional pipework
  • Powderless, no smear-off in the delivery pile saves costs and cleaning time
  • Instand ON/OFF in milliseconds and pulsing possible, saves more than 10% of lamp energy
  • Symmetrical switch off for smaller paper formats, half the paper size saves 50% energy of the lamp
  • No spare parts are required which reduces maintenances costs
  • Less heat transfer to heat sensitive materials such as plastics
  • Stable UV LED system operation reduces maintenance expenditures
  • Immediate results allow fast turn over time from printing to delivery