Does your UV system still disinfect reliably?

Service for UV disinfection systems in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Take advantage of our service for maintenance, testing and repair of your machine. It does not matter from which supplier you have purchased your UV system, we are familiar with all common models.

Why is maintenance necessary?

UV lamps are subject to a natural drop in output, which causes the radiation intensity to drop as a result of the operating time, so that the UV system may no longer be able to fulfil its disinfection tasks. This drop in output cannot be checked with the naked eye or simple electrical measuring methods.

Development of UV systems over time

Noblelight Service, with its internationally active technical service, checks whether your UV lamps or UV systems from all manufacturers are still operating according to its technical specification:

  • Consultation and review of the available documentation

Short-term measures:

  • On-site inspection of the lamps used with our Heraeus MUI system against an available reference lamp
  • If no reference lamp is available, we can measure and determine your UV lamp in our measuring laboratory in the Hanau factory
  • Replacement of lamps with your original lamps, if available
  • Alternative replacement with an equivalent Heraeus UV lamp, e.g. our amalgam UVC lamps with Heraeus Longlife technology

Long-term measures:

  • Support, regular inspection and maintenance of your UV systems by our service department to ensure that they function properly