UV LED Curing Research and Testing Made Simple

UV test center

Those doing UV curing research and testing in universities and industry need to equip their labs with apparatus for quick and reliable testing.
And since many commercial manufacturing UV curing processes are converting from medium pressure mercury arc lamp to UV LED curing technology, it’s time to equip your lab with UV LED curing capability.

Conveyor belt UV LED

Academics, industry chemists, and research and development professionals testing UV curable inks, coatings, and adhesives across a wide variety of industries and applications such as electronics, graphic arts printing, medical device, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, product packaging and decorating find the LC6B benchtop conveyor and Semray UV LED curing system are a winning combination for their laboratory and testing facilities.

Semray UV LED system

Keeping it simple
The plug and play modular design of the  Semray UV LED curing platform and the LC6B benchtop conveyor combine to provide simple, quick, and reliable testing, without taking up too much space. Semray’s modular design and sophisticated controls mean you can quickly change test parameters such as wavelength and UV output. Dynamic cooling and self-balancing of the LED arrays ensure consistent and reliable testing.

UV curing conveyor belt

The  LC6B benchtop conveyor enables quick and easy conveyor speed and lamp height adjustments. And since the Semray module you test with is the exact same module used commercially, scaling from the lab to the production floor is easy.