Belt conveyor UV curing systems

Floor standing and benchtop conveyor systems for production or laboratory

Belt conveyor UV system

Noblelight offers floor standing or benchtop conveyor systems, the DRS10/12 and LC6B / LC6U respectively, as standard products for use with our microwave-powered or Semray® UV LED curing systems.

These UV curing conveyors are suitable for production, laboratory and R&D applications. Both formulating chemists and manufacturing production managers use these conveyors to test UV-curable adhesives, inks and coatings while developing new formulations, testing cure response, assessing performance and for low-volume or short production runs.

LC6B & LC6U Benchtop Conveyor

This compact benchtop conveyor is ideal for laboratory and R&D testing, yet rugged enough for pilot plant and production environments.

Now available with simple plug and play mounting kit for use with UV LED curing systems!


  • Compact design minimizes bench space needed
  • Rugged enough for small part production
  • Easy to use – on/off, speed indicator, lamp on/off
  • Flexibility to switch between LED and microwave-powered UV curing systems
  • Adapt to your specific needs – easily adjust lamp height and orientation, belt speed


  • Lamp Types:
  • Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs.)
  • Overall length: 1,070 mm (42 in.)
  • Overall width: 510 mm (20 in.)
  • Overall height: 310 mm (12.2 in.)
  • Nominal curing width: 152 mm (6 in.)
  • Belt speeds: 0.6 to 76 m/min. (2 to 250 fpm)
  • Controls: Power on/off, speed adjust, lamp on/off.**
  • Power: 115/230 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, internally selected.

**For F300S, LH6 Mark II, and Semray® UV4103-2S only

Available Accessories

  • LED mounting kit for Semray® UV4103-2S System
  • Snap-in light shields
  • Out feed knife
  • Quartz air deflector
  • Feed chute
  • External end reflectors
  • Exhaust blower, duct transition, duct fittings

DRS 10/12 Floor Standing Conveyor

This floor standing conveyor is ideal for both laboratory and production use and can accommodate a variety of parts up to 4 inches high. Designed specifically for use with Noblelight’s microwave-powered UV curing systems – mounting kit for UV LED curing systems is coming soon!


DRS 10/12 Floor Standing Conveyor
  • Easy to use – digital speed indicator, safety interlocks
  • Flexibility to switch between different microwave-powered UV curing systems
  • Adapt to your specific needs – easily adjust lamp height, orientation, rows (up to two), cure width and belt speed
  • Durable steel construction, built-in exhaust blower


Lamp Configurations: (lamps purchased separately)

  • F600S, LH10 Mark III, LH10 Mark II: One lamp wide, one or two rows.
  • F300S: Two lamps wide, one row.
  • LH6 Mark II: Two lamps wide, one or two rows.
  • LED Options: Available as a custom solution now, mounting kit accessory available soon. Please inquire

Conveyor Belt Width: 355 mm (14 in.)
Overall Length: 1,676 mm (66 in.)
Overall Width: 813 mm (32 in.)
Conveyor Belt Height: 819.2 mm +50.8 mm (32.2 in. +2.0 in.)
Nominal curing width: 254 mm (10 in.) or 305 mm (12 in.), depending on lamp system
Belt Speed Range: Variable speed in five (5) ranges: 0.3–4.6 mpm, 1.5–22.9 mpm, 3–45.7 mpm, 4.6–68.6 mpm, 10.7–152.4 mpm (1–15 fpm, 5–75 fpm, 10–150 fpm, 15–225 fpm, 35–500 fpm).
Speed Control: Variable with digital display
Voltage: 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 30 A (230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 15 A, optional).

Custom UV Curing Conveying Solutions

Need something to fit your exact needs? Check out our custom designed UV curing solutions including custom conveyors.  Learn more about custom UV curing solutions