Heraeus Electronics at SEMICON China 2023

Heraeus will present latest innovations to elevate device performance at Semicon China 2023. Mega trends such as 5G, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing continue to play a part in revolutionizing the semiconductor market. New material solutions are needed to meet the increasing demand and challenges of semiconductor advanced packaging. Heraeus’ new products offer solutions in terms of thermal dissipation, miniaturization, defect challenges and shielding against electromagnetic interferences (EMI).

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  • Date : 29 June - 1 July
  • Venue : Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
  • Hall/ Booth : E7 | #7355

New product highlights at SEMICON China

Welco AP520: Water Soluble Paste for Fine-Pitch Component and Flip Chip Attach in System-in-Package Applications

  • Uses high-quality Welco T7 powders
  • Consistent paste release down to 90um pitch
  • Pure DI water cleanable
  • Best-in-class low voids
  • No splashing or beading
  • Enables all-in-one printing of passive components and flip chips in a single step

AP500X: Water Soluble Flux for Ultra-Fine Bump Pitch Flip Chip Attach and BGA Attach Applications

  • Water-soluble
  • Halogen zero
  • Superior wettability
  • ≥12hr work life
  • Effective removal of OSP layer on Cu OSP pads
  • Enables ultra-fine bump pitch flip chip attach with zero defects

Enabling a Sustainable Future With Heraeus Recycle Tin / Gold Solutions

recycle gold and tin

Positive impact on environmental sustainability

  • Reduced mining
  • Reduced energy consumption & carbon footprint

Our tin and gold suppliers comply with:

  • Responsible Materials Initiatives (RMI)
  • ISO 14021:2016

On Site Presentations

June 29 - 30

Time Topic Speaker Details
10:45 – 11:00 Achieving Maximum Yield and Low Carbon with Welco | AP520 Product Launch HanWen Zhang | Global Product Manager in Semiconductor Advanced Packaging Introduction to Heraeus Advanced Packaging Product Portfolio, Welco technology, AP520 Welco Paste, recycle solutions for low carbon emission.
11:00 - 11:15 A Turn-key Solution for Mini/Micro-LED Packaging Materials Leric Ji | Paste Development Manager In the era of flourishing LED applications, Mini/Micro-LEDs have been widely used in backlight and direct display applications thanks to their exceptional advantages. However, the relentless miniaturization of LEDs poses unprecedented challenges for packaging. With over 20 years of experience in the LED packaging industry, Heraeus Electronics has always stayed abreast of industry trends and focus on the development of packaging materials tailored to diverse emerging transfer technologies.
11:15 - 11:30 Inkjet Printing for Semiconductor Selective EMI Shielding Jason Li | Sales Director Heraeus is supplying “System Solution” for EMI shielding of 5G smartphone 7& IoT markets. One of the challenges 5G communication is facing is EMI shielding, therefore, Heraeus provides Prexonics® as system solution for the EMI shielding requirement of 5G technology. Prexonics® fits the inkjet printing very well through “non-Nano-particle” MOD silver ink and provides better than -80dB EMI shielding performance in wide frequency range, comparing sputter technology, Prexonics® has the features of lower cost, higher efficiency and less thickness & weight, which benefits smartphone bigger battery and longer power; meanwhile, regarding IoT, Prexonics® has the advantage to make the size compact to meet more applications.
14:30 – 14:45 AgCoat® Prime – An Alternative Solution to Gold Bonding Wire
Locker Liu | Business Development Manager Heraeus has successfully developed a new alternative solution to gold bonding wire specially on high complexity wire bonding application which other alternative wires are not able to achieve. With no inert gas (forming or N2) required, the wire has enabled our customer to avoid any investment on facility and machine modifications. This is also the 1st alternative solution since year 2006 which does not required facility and machine modifications. This innovative solution enables end user to benefit from significant cost savings with comparable bonding and reliability performance as gold wires. It is also proven to have good FAB Au coverage and reduce the IMC growth by half comparing to gold wire which is beneficial for reliability performance.
14:45 - 15:00 HET Innovation Tech Hours - Engineering Services Daisy Xiao | Project Manager Engineering Services Why engineering services is successful for power electronics. Customers are looking for improved and reliable bonding technology for SiC modules. Heraeus is the only one supplier can do full power module prototyping or has such broad product portfolio. We have strong application and engineering teams, supply the tailored material solution specific to application requirements. The last and the most important, customers can efficiently use the resources in value chain to shortened the development and faster time go to market by engineering services.

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