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Heraeus Electronics at APEC 2021

The Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) will take place virtually from 14 - 17 June 2021. ​

The APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. This is not just a designer’s conference; APEC has something of interest for anyone involved in power electronics.

Heraeus Electronics is bringing its expertise for the Power Electronics industry to APEC in 2021. New applications like electromobility or renewable energy present enormous challenges for power electronics devices. With these new applications requirements are becoming more demanding as well. Temperatures up to 200ºC, durability requirements of more than 10 years, and everything as cost effective as possible you need a reliable partner to help you achieve these goals. Heraeus Electronics offers the systems know how to get the most out of your power module. Our team of dedicated engineers utilize our materials to create the best solution for your design with superior performance and cost in mind.

Heraeus Electronics Solutions

Aluminum bonding ribbons, aluminum bonding wires, copper wires, aluminum cladded wire, Microbond® solder pastes, mAgic® pressure sinter paste, mAgic® non-pressure sinter paste, Condura® metal ceramic substrates and terminals/leadframes.

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ES13 - Advanced Materials Solutions for EV/Automotive Electronics

Location: ​Social 27 Virtual Conference Platform

Speaker: Mr Habib Mustain, Power Electronics Segment Manager

Heraeus Electronics, a leading provider of material solutions for electronics packaging provides perfectly matched materials. This allows manufacturers to optimize performance and reliability of their products. Heraeus Electronics is the only company in the market that offers broader product portfolio for power electronics assembly – from bonding wires, sinter pastes to substrates and combining them to increase the performance of their power modules and assembly.

NEW Product Highlights

Microbond PE830

 Microbond® PE830 : Enabling High Yield for Die Attach Applications ​

Microbond® PE830 solder paste is designed for the use of die attach in power electronic modules. The revolutionary flux system incorporates synthetic resins that eliminate batch to batch variances and allows supply chain stability. As a result, the total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced through constantly high yield of sub-assemblies. These are realized by outstanding low void performance, low splashing rate as well as low die tilt and rotation. The product will be available with Tin-Silver alloy. In addition, the flux residues are easy to clean with standard cleaning agents.​

Key benefits​

  • Low batch to batch variance and supply chain stability through synthetic resin​
  • Outstanding low voids performance​
  • Minimal solder splashing​
  • Low tilt and rotation of dies ​
  • Good cleaning properties​
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership through high yield of production​

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