Xenon flash lamp for sun simulation and weathering

Xenon flash lamp for sun simulation and weathering

Environmental testing to ensure longevity and quality to a consumer is a critical factor in many of today’s markets, particularly Textiles, Solar Panels and Automotive.
Xenon lamps from Noblelight are widely used for sun simulation and weathering, since the spectral output is closely matched to the output of the Sun, and can be used to perform UV ageing tests of materials or the light source for class AAA simulators, for the testing of Solar Cells and Modules.

Your advantages by using Xenon lamp for sun simulation and weathering:

  • Standard sunlight simulation from UV to IR
  • Stable and repeatable output, from pulse to pulse
  • Uniform output distribution

Xenon lamp for sun simulation

The testing of solar cells and panels requires standard sunlight simulation across the full spectrum of wavelengths from short UV through to infrared. Throughout the test period the measurements need to be stable and repeatable. Excelitas Noblelight is already working with leading Solar Test Equipment manufacturers and understands their needs in testing solar cells and modules.

We are able to tailor the product by working to your requirements

  • linear or ring lamps
  • uniform output distribution across the lamp
  • for tests of single cells and solar modules
  • lamp output closely matches the solar spectrum

Xenon lamp for weathering

Various samples are exposed to the light for long periods. These Flash lamps are operated in both pulsed and CW mode. Due to the high intensity of light output of Xenon Flash lamps accelerated aging tests can be performed to check the durability of materials that are exposed to the sun.