Heating and deburring plastics with infrared

Many plastic parts are manufactured by injection moulding or pressing. In the process, the formation of sharp burrs cannot always be prevented. In particular in the case of complexly shaped parts, the removal of burrs before the next process step may be a real challenge.
Infrared radiation heats plastic parts within seconds directly at their surface. Therefore burrs can be easily melted away.

Heating and deburring plastic with infrared

Moreover, infrared emitters made of quartz glass can be shaped to the contours of edges and rims to precisely melt away the burrs without damaging the product.
This makes them superior to many conventional methods because manual removal, e.g. with special knives or gas flames, does not produce even results and costs time.
Infrared emitters transfer heat without contact and melt the burrs away without damaging the product. This can significantly reduce the scrap rate when producing moulded parts.

Your advantages with infrared heat:

  • Infrared radiation is transmitted without contact
  • The surface of plastics is quickly molten
  • Infrared emitters make heat processes reproducible, which enables automation