Infrared emitters dry coatings on glass

Screen printing on car window panes, coatings behind mirrors or paint on decorative glass must have a shiny surface. The most varied glass coatings are dried reliably and in-line using infrared emitters

Infrared heat for the efficient coating of glass

 Infrared emitters dry coatings on glass

Infrared radiation penetrates into the material and dries the coating from the inside to the outside.
The result is an excellent quality of the surface.
Compared to drying with hot air, this saves time, space and energy. In particular in very energy-intensive processes for the drying of paints or inks or the printing on glass,  QRC-emitters with nanoreflector can be advantageous. The reflectors help to target infrared radiation and the heating process is faster, more efficiently and more stable.

Your advantages with infrared heat:

  • Contactless heat transmission
  • High efficiency
  • Adjustment of the wavelength to the absorption of glass helps improve the process
  • Short response times enable good control and regulation

Infrared heat removes condensation on glass bottles before labeling

Infrarot-Wärme trocknet Kondenswasser

Condensation occurs when glass bottles move from a cool storage area to a warmer production hall. The condensation water interferes with further processing, such as the application of labels. Infrared systems reliably solve this problem through fast and targeted preheating.

 case story: Infrared heat improves sticking labels on glass bottles

See for yourself what infrared heat can do!
Here some application examples for coatings on glass:

Effective "post-treatment" of UV/LED screen printing on glass using Infrared heat


Post heat treatment of Marabu UV/LED screen printing inks with infrared emitters from Noblelight show significantly better adhesion properties and resistance on glass.

Drying of screen printing on glass

 Drying of screen printing on glass

Carbon infrared emitters dry black screen printing on car window panes.

Drying of organic paints

Drying of organic paints

Infrared module for drying decorative paint on fragances bottles.

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