Infrared Heat for Converting

Infrared heating systems for exactly controlled homogeneous heating.

Web materials like foils, plastic films, paper or non-wovens often need heat for the drying of coatings, laminating or embossing.

Infrared heating systems with exact controls offer many advantages for converting:

  • Uniform heating
  • powerful systems enable fast production speeds
  • Heating of peripheral zones avoids heat drop at the edges
  • quick response times protect the web materials against heat damage in case of a sudden band stopp

Drying, laminating, embossing - see how converting processes benefit from infrared heat:

Infrared emitters and modules for laminating and embossing of plastics

Infrared modules preheat - for embossing or laminating

Laminating or embossing benefits from optimum preheating.
Infrared emitters and modules do this homogeneously and efficiently.

Infrared emitters optimise vacuum laminating

Infrared emitters optimise vacuum laminating

Car doors, centre consoles and dashboards are made of plastic carrier parts that are clad with foil. This is usually done by vacuum laminating, a process in which an adhesive is applied to the foil or the carrier part.
Compared to conventional fused silica emitters, Noblelight infrared emitters heat up the foils faster, reduce cycle times and at the same time save energy.

Infrared module for embossing plastics

IR emitters heat before embossing

Carbon infrared emitters from Noblelight are helping to improve the quality of flooring products and to improve dimensional stability during the embossing of heavy duty homogenous floor coverings.

Infrared Emitters for efficient drying and finishing of paper, non-wovens and fabrics

IR for paper and nonwovens in medical technology
See how Infrared heating systems increase output for paper and nonwovens.
Our examples show an Infrared booster improving the drying step in the production of filtration materials,
and an Infrared system for the efficient drying of non-woven fabrics for medical and hygiene purpose.

Infrared Heat Increases Productivity of Flameproof Textiles

Forgotten candles or a short circuit in the toaster – if a fire starts at home it should not get out of control. Curtains and home textiles should not contribute to the spreading of a fire and therefore they have to be equipped with flameretardant properties.

 Read our application example here.

Drying of Water-Repellent coating on fabric

A carbon infrared system is helping to increase production line speeds by providing pre-drying of a water repellent coating applied to a specialised fabric used in the manufacture of outdoor clothing. Moreover, its ease of control is also ensuring that there is no damage to the fabric caused by over-heating.

 Read our application example here.

Heraeus Offers Cure For Dyeing

A custom-built infrared drying system has helped Century Dyeing of Elland, near Leeds, to solve a problem which they were experiencing with the dyeing of a particular fabric for a specific customer. The innovative solution involved on-site tests at the Elland factory and the design of a system to provide sufficient drying within a very short time window and very tight space constraints.

 Read our application example here.

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