Infrared Heat for Agriculture & Construction Equipment

Infrared heat for agriculture and construction equipment

Agricultural machines, as well as construction equipment, are built from large metal parts. They are subjected to heavy loads, which is why a robust paint finish or corrosion protection is very important.

Infrared heat for robust and durable tools

Soil cultivation tools for agricultural and farming technology have to withstand harsh and highly variable working conditions. The decisive factors are robustness and durability. For this reason, special press-hardened tempering steels are used in the professional sector.
Infrared heat is used for tempering - a heat treatment that reduces stresses in the workpiece after steel has been hardened.

Our case story shows how infrared emitters help to produce wear parts for agriculture through extremely short and at the same time very energy-efficient tempering treatments.

Infrared booster and hot air - an efficient cooperation

Drying paint or coating on very large and highly three-dimensional metal parts is a real challenge.
A combination of infrared boosters with a hot air oven is ideal. Infrared boosters quickly bring parts to the desired temperature or efficiently melt powder coating. The hot air in the convection oven also reaches places that were previously in the infrared shadow. Paint dries and powder coating cures completely in the convection oven.
The risk of powder swirling is minimized in the hot air oven due to the annealing process.
Medium-wave infrared radiation can selectively heat the paint and surface. This accelerates the drying process and significantly improves energy efficiency.

Infrared radiation and hot air together ensure reliable drying with high energy efficiency.

  • Significant time savings compared to conventional convection ovens
  • Quality improvements and energy savings

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See for yourself what infrared heat can do!
Here an application example:

Infrared heat adjusts material properties for applications in agricultural machinery

Infrared heat for agriculture

See how an innovative and energy-efficient infrared tempering process was developed. FRANK Walz- und Schmiedetechnik GmbH uses it to produce press-hardened steel components.

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