Electrical infrared booster with electrical convection oven - particularly efficient for practical test series

The drying of paints and coatings is a challenge in many cases - the optimal design of the system determines the quality of the products, output and energy consumption and thus the subsequent operating costs.

The combination of an infrared booster in front of a hot-air oven promises more efficiency when drying the paint on complex parts.

Infrared radiation brings products to the target temperature very quickly

Melting/pre-gelling by IR heat minimizes powder carryover

Electric hot-air ovens heat up three-dimensional parts homogeneously

A particularly practical testing with an electric infrared booster from Heraeus Noblelight and an electric hot air oven from  Weiss Technik therefore helps to optimize the system configuration. The unique combination in the Heraeus Noblelight application center offers many advantages:

  • Practical testing in the combined system in the application center gives the customer the security they need for a planned investment.
  • An infrared booster increases energy efficiency because it helps to heat up faster, thereby shortening process times. Experience proves that this reduces the energy consumption of a system and thus also contributes to optimizing the CO2 footprint.
  • Infrared boosters from Heraeus Noblelight and electric hot-air ovens from Weiss Technik can be combined in a modular way. This modular system makes the system configuration flexible.

Thanks to the combined know-how and decades of experience of two leading companies, a customer receives a high level of process reliability.

Features and Technical Data for the combination IR booster with hot-air oven

Electrical Infrared Booster
  • Short process times by combination with a hot air oven with a nominal temperature up to 300°C, Homogeneity ±4K at 250°C
  • Vertical airflow on both sides, frequency-controlled air speed
  • 4 separately controllable heating zones and manual doors in entry and exit zone
  • Quick heat up by IR booster with medium wave Carbon infrared emitters with response times of seconds
  • Additional emitters for edges
  • Variable power densities of emitters
Electrical hot air oven
  • Modular construction of booster and oven
  • Dimensions for test products in batch process WxHxL in mm: 750x1500x1200
  • Batch process for convection oven only WxHxL in mm: 750x1500x2300
  • In continuous processing variable product lengths
  • Weight 60kg per pick-up hook, higher weights on demand