Infrared heat for plastics processing

Deburring of steering wheels, welding of containers, embossing of foils or coating of displays - infrared emitters have optimised many processes in the plastics processing industry.

Infrared emitters are heat sources that can be precisely adjusted to the product and the processing step, with respect to wavelength, power output and even shape.
Cleverly arranged IR emitters and flexible designs enable heat processes even on products of complex shapes, and make it possible to switch on and off the infrared emitters in seconds, which saves energy and money.

Infrared emitters offer many advantages for your plastics processing:

 Contact free infrared heating within seconds makes plastics welding simple and reproducible

 Emitters exactly shaped to the contours of the product help automate deburring, welding and adhesive activation

 Infrared emitters precisely adjusted to the product and the process save time, space and energy

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Infrared emitters and modules for welding and deburring of plastic parts

Infrared emitters deburr contours

Infrared emitters adapt themselves exactly.
This allows the deburring of complex workpieces to be automated.
Heat in exactly the right place, joins two halves to form a container.

Infrared heaters weld transport boxes

Infrared emitters optimise vacuum laminating

Infrared heat is used to produce complex transport containers from injection-moulded plastic slabs - fast and in an automated process.

Infrared heat welds pressure vessels

Infrared heat welds pressure vessels

A British company uses containers made of glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene to treat water. The cylindrical water tanks are made of two halves which are welded together by short-wave infrared radiation.

Deburring with contour infrared emitters

Deburring with contour infrared emitters

Infrared emitters that are precisely adapted to the contour of a product deburr particularly efficiently. Heat only where it is needed, in step with the process.
This enables automation.

Infrared emitters and modules for laminating, embossing and shrinking of plastics

Infrared modules preheat - for embossing or laminating

Laminating or embossing benefits from optimum preheating.
Infrared emitters and modules do this homogeneously and efficiently.

Infrared emitters optimise vacuum laminating

Infrared emitters optimise vacuum laminating

Car doors, centre consoles and dashboards are made of plastic carrier parts that are clad with foil. This is usually done by vacuum laminating, a process in which an adhesive is applied to the foil or the carrier part.
Compared to conventional fused silica emitters, Noblelight infrared emitters heat up the foils faster, reduce cycle times and at the same time save energy.

Infrared module for embossing plastics

IR emitters heat before embossing

Carbon infrared emitters from Noblelight are helping to improve the quality of flooring products and to improve dimensional stability during the embossing of heavy duty homogenous floor coverings.

Shrinking of foils with infrared modules

Infrared heat for shrinking foils

Infrared heating systems from Noblelight are helping Cherry Electrical Products Ltd to ensure the excellent quality of their high performance computer keyboards, while at the same time reducing manufacturing costs.

Infrared emitters and modules for the coating of plastics

Infrared heat dries coatings on plastic parts

Infrared emitters heat without contact and precisely adapted to the material. Thus the coating dries without damaging the plastic by heat.

Infrared heat dries coating on plastic bumpers

Infrared heat for paint on plastic bumpers

An infrared module for pre-drying paint on vehicle bumpers before the hot air oven increases production and saves space and energy.

Infrared oven dries coatings on displays

Infrared oven dries coatings on displays

A Noblelight infrared oven dries and cures paint on the key panels in less than 20% of the time that hot-air ovens need.

Infrared emitters and modules for plastics forming

Infrared emitters form plastics for car interiors

Infrared modules heat plastic sheets or foils quickly and homogeneously. Plastic can be shaped efficiently by heat. This saves time and energy.

Infrared module shapes dashboards

Infrared heat shapes plastic dashboards

The dashboard of a car is made of plastic that is shaped with heat. Carbon infrared emitters save a lot of energy and time.

Infrared emitters form plastic tubes

Infrared emitters form plastic tubes

Before being used, plastic pipes are bent into shape, provided with grooves for sealing rings or they are given sockets so that they can be inserted into each other. Conventionally, hot air, heating sleeves or baths in hot liquids are used to soften and then deform the plastics. Infrared emitters do this more efficiently.

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