Infrared heating in a vacuum

Advanced manufacturing methods such as for the production of solar cells or integrated circuits in microelectronics often require a vacuum.
Vacuum methods also are advantageous for the coating of glass or metal because undesirable oxidation processes are ruled out. IR-systems transfer heat contact free and efficient.

Infrared heating in a vacuum

Many of these processes require powerful heat sources that can be controlled precisely. Quartz glass infrared emitters offer some advantages. They transfer heat without contact and with high power and, moreover, react very quickly to control commands.

Noblelight is operating a vacuum test chamber at its own Application Competence Center. It is used to select infrared emitters that are precisely tuned to the particular product and process.

Your advantages with infrared radiation:

  • Infrared radiation is transferred without contact and hence optimally suited for heat processes in a vacuum
  • Infrared emitters react quickly and are therefore easy to control and regulate

See for yourself what infrared heat can do! Here some application examples:

Infrared emitters optimize vacuum brazing machine

Infrared emitters optimize Vacuum Brazing Machine

Diamond-tipped tools are used whenever very hard materials need to be machined, for example in the industrial machining of metals, ceramics and tough plastics. Infrared emitters from Noblelight are used in manufacturing those tools.

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