UV curing for glass decorating

 Curing of UV printing on glass

Glass and ceramic decorators using UV curing gain the advantages that plastic decorators enjoy: the ability to directly print multiple colors at high speed, in any color, free of heavy metals, using quick, simple, low-cost curing. UV-curable inks are commonly used to decorate and mark a variety of glass products including beverage bottles, drinkware, mirrors and flat glass, packaging for cosmetics, perfume and personal care products. Regulations restricting the use of inorganic inks containing heavy metals (EU packaging directive 94/62/EC), along with rising energy costs increased the use of UV curing for glass decorating.

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Your advantages with UV curing:

  • Increased production rates
  • Envrionmentally friendly - no solvents or heavy metals, plus energy efficient
  • Improved print definition
  • Easier color matching
  • Increased durability that meets glass decorating requirements such as adhesion and chemical resistance
  • Easier to recycle since UV ink burn off during the recycling process

Your applications:

  • Decorating
    • Beverage bottles
    • Food containers
    • Drinkware
    • Mirrors
    • Packaging of perfume, nail polish, personal care products
    • Flatt glass
UV curing of measurement cups
  • Marking:
    • Scientific lab ware and apparatus such as beakers and test tubes
    • Consumer products such as liquid measuring cups

Our application experts will be happy to help you find the optimal UV curing solution,whether it is used  UV LED technology , conventional  UV lamps and systems or a combination of these.
Heraeus also offers replacement   Amba® UV curing lamps for these applications.