Developing bonding and sealing UV LED curing processes

Working with the right tools and knowledgeable experts can speed your R&D efforts for new UV LED curing bonding/sealing manufacturing processes.

UV LED Testing

As you research and develop UV LED curing processes for your electronics or medical device manufacturing, it’s important to work with partners, both equipment and chemistry, who can help guide and support you to get the results you need faster.

Learn about the kinds of support and expertise the right UV curing partner can provide:

Conveyor belt UV LED

UV curing testing, when done correctly in the lab using UV LED curing equipment just like that which will go on your production line, easily scales to pilot line and production processes. This helps ensure your R&D efforts in the lab translate directly to the manufacturing line.

You need  lab scale UV LED curing equipment that is flexible, reliable, and easy to work with. Or work with a UV LED system provider who has the capability to run tests in their lab.  Learn more about Noblelight’s UV curing testing facilities .

Also make sure the UV LED equipment supplier can loan out equipment for trials on a pilot line, yours or elsewhere -- critical for feasibility analysis and ultimately production process success. Noblelight has UV LED demo equipment is available for lab and line trials.

UV Curing Process Expertise

You need a partner who has UV curing process experience specific to bonding and sealing applications for electronics and medical devices.

UV curing application specialists at Noblelight leverage their  process development experience with UV adhesives and sealants on a variety of electronic and medical materials and parts to save you time by:

  • Recommending test set-ups and protocols
  • Providing measurement advice and training
  • Running tests, for or with you, in our application labs

Often their broad industry application knowledge sparks a new idea for your success.

Whether you need to retrofit an existing production line or are starting with a clean slate, Noblelight UV LED curing experts have years of experience with all kinds of processes:

  • Spot cure
  • Continuous conveyors
  • Indexing conveyors
  • Static cure chambers

So they’ll understand quickly what process options to investigate first and techniques for overcoming some of the challenges with UV LED curing – a real time saver for your process R&D efforts!

Learn more about  how Noblelight can help you with UV LED process development .

UV LED Chemistry and Formulator Guidance

For many electronics and medical device bonding and sealing applications, your existing formulator is likely to offer UV LED curable formulations. However, a UV LED curing system provider should be able to point you to other possible UV LED chemistry formulators and help you create a formulator shortlist.

Noblelight has close relationships with the UV LED adhesive and sealant formulators. We also have UV chemists on staff who can work with your formulator to suggest formulation changes or techniques to improve curing results. This is especially crucial for UV LED formulations in order to improve process speeds and functional requirements without damaging electronic or other heat sensitive components.