UV LED Curing Processes for Flexo Applications

Improving flexographic (flexo) printing and converting processes is an ongoing challenge given how hard it is to keep up with the latest technologies. UV LED curing technology has advanced rapidly with the opportunity to increase production rates for flexo label, tag, shrink film, flexible packaging, and other narrow web converting processes. Flexo inks, varnishes, and adhesives are readily available, and existing flexo presses with UV curing are easy to retrofit with UV LED curing systems to gain a competitive advantage.

UV LED curing delivers significantly faster production speeds on flexo presses. Can you afford not to learn more?

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6 Ways UV LED Curing Improves UV Flexo Label Converting Processes

Improving label converting processes is an ongoing challenge given how hard it is to keep up with the latest technologies. If you already have medium pressure arc lamp UV curing on flexo presses, this article will help you learn about the benefits of retrofitting existing presses with UV LED curing technology.

Optimizing Flexo Label Production: Upgrading Traditional UV with UV LED Curing

Upgrading traditional medium pressure arc UV curing equipment on flexographic presses to UV LED curing technology offers significant process benefits for label and tag production. But it’s prudent to learn what the options are and how each can optimize your label production processes before selecting a UV LED curing system provider.

FAQs: Developing UV LED Curing Processes for Converting Applications

When considering UV LED curing for your flexo printing and label converting processes it’s helpful to compare your existing mercury arc UV to UV LED curing technology. This chart provides concise and easy comparisons, the characteristics of each, and process design considerations for typical narrow web flexo converting processes.

Guide to Retrofitting a UV Flexo Press for Productivity Advantage: UV LED Equipment Features to Consider

Considering an upgrade to UV LED curing technology on your flexo press can be daunting. This guide helps you navigate the UV LED curing equipment features that will deliver higher press productivity.