Golden 8 twin-tube infrared emitters

Infrared twin tube emitters

Noblelight Golden 8 infrared emitters are made of high-quality quartz tubes and feature a gold reflector for highest efficiency. Noblelight's unique twin-tube layout (the "Golden 8") gives the emitters a higher radiation density and improved mechanical stability. They are available as short-wave, medium-wave and fast medium-wave infrared emitters. This allows you to choose the optimal wavelength for the material to be heated. Dimensions and filaments are fabricated to meet your requirements.

 Noblelight IR emitters are also available for special geometries, e.g. omega-shaped, bent or as a complete IR system.

Golden 8 twin-tube infrared emitters drawing

Technical data

Technical data Medium-wave twin tube emitter Medium-wave fast response twin tube emitter Short-wave twin tube emitter
Power 18 / 20 / 25 W/cm 80 W/cm < 200 W/cm
Max. heated length 1500 / 2000 / 6500 mm 6400 / 2400 mm 6400 / 2400 mm
Cross-section 18 x 8 / 22 x 10 / 33 x 15 mm 34 x 14 / 23 x 11 mm 34 x 14 / 23 x 11 mm
Filament temperature 800°C - 950°C 1400°C - 1800°C 1800°C - 2400°C
Wavelength 2.4 - 2.7 µm > 1.4 µm 1.0 - 1.4 µm
Max. power density 60 kW/m2 150 kW/m2 200 kW/m2
Response time 1 - 4 min 1 - 2 s 1 s

Good to know

Golden 8 - Kussner/Noblelight

Gold reflector

Noblelight manufactures infrared emitters with a gold reflector that allows directed emission of heat to the product. A gold coating on the infrared emitters reflects the IR radiation. This almost doubles the efficient radiation onto the product.

Twin tube

The unique twin-tube design features high radiation capacity and very good mechanical stability, even on emitters which are 6.5 meters long. Wavelengths, dimensions and filaments are fabricated to meet your requirements.

Quartz glass

Noblelight Golden 8 infrared emitters are made of high-quality quartz tubes. Quartz glass is very pure and features good transmission and thermal stability.

Golden 8

A sure sign of competence and quality in infrared heat technology: the Golden 8! The eight-shaped emitter cross-section, the twin tube, the gold reflector: the Golden 8 stands for all our twin-tube emitters and is the starting point for constantly new heat process solutions.

The new generation: Medium Wave Plus

The new Medium Wave Plus is characterized by a heated length of up to 50 W/cm and a filament temperature of up to 1000°C. From room temperature to 90% output, the Medium Wave Plus offers a time saving of around 25%, with a service life of >10,000 hours thanks to monitoring of the emitter temperature. The infrared emitter has a length of up to 1 meter and is ideal for drying applications, plastic welding or glass heating.

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