Intelligent planning of plants for industrial processes – infrared systems from a single source

Curing of powder coating, drying of wet coating, welding of plastics – innumerable industrial production processes require heat. Rapid heating and low space requirements make infrared systems attractive as sources of heat. However, adjustment to the product and the process require a well thought-out plant concept.

Intelligent planning of plants

Efficient and well-controllable infrared emitters are the core of any plant. We make sure you optimise your process.

  • CAE simulation
  • Plant concept design
  • Realistic tests
  • Design
  • Construction of modules and control units
  • Development of complete solutions, including peripheral devices
  • Assembly, installation and commissioning on site
  • Service and maintenance on site


  • Simplification and acceleration of project planning
  • Optimal adjustment to the process
  • Energy saving

Examples of systems

  • Drying oven with conveyor system
  • Infrared system with draught, temperature measuring and control
  • Combined IR system, electrical and hot air

Some application examples:

Infrared preheating glass bottles

When bottles are filled, there is a high risk of the glass bursting or splintering due to the thermal shock, especially if the temperature difference between liquid and glass exceeds 42°C. A solution was a four metres long infrared oven with a nominal output of 109.2 kW that heats the empty bottles. The oven has three zones and in the third, a PID controller ensures that the bottles have the correct temperature for filling.

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