Noblelight's Xenon Flash Lamp

Xenon lamps are suitable for many white light industrial applications. Due to its high-energy pulsed light, it is especially used for analyzing optically dense materials.

Noblelight manufactures a wide range of cool running xenon flash lamps, devices which efficiently convert electrical energy stored in a capacitor into a high intensity light flash. All the lamps use materials which are specially selected for high performance and long life. They are manufactured using high temperature and high vacuum processing, which ensures a high integrity product. Finally, each lamp is put through rigorous testing schedules to ensure that quality standards are consistently met.

The Noblelight Xenon Flash lamp can be run up to an average power of 16 Watt and they are designed specifically for use in photometric instruments.


Your Advantages

  • UV glass window (190-2500 nm)
  • Low noise and excellent flash to flash stability due to precise triggering
  • Precise electrode positioning
  • Lifetime > 10⁹ flashes
  • EXE Long Life series – improved performance
  • For use with external trigger transformer

Applications Areas

  • UV / visible spectrophotometry
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Thin film measurement
  • Photo-acoustic spectroscopy
  • Colour analyzers
  • Medical instrumentation