Accessories and replacement parts for UV products

Noblelight offers accessories and replacement spare parts for our microwave-powered UV curing systems and UV disinfection solutions. Please find details below.

Accessories and replacement parts for microwave-powered UV curing products


The Advanced Intelligent Monitoring System (AIMS®) minimizes unscheduled system shutdowns and tracks the maintenance schedule for consumable parts. The AIMS software application monitors system performance and gathers data in real-time for the LightHammer® 6 Mark II and LightHammer® 10 Mark III Series. Through the use of a proprietary communication network, users can use a PC to monitor many of the UV curing system performance metrics to ensure process consistency and reduce unexpected downtime.

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Customers have the option to use either an open stand, called a power supply tower, or a closed cabinet, a Modular Power Supply Enclosure (MPE), to house multiple UV curing system power supplies.

Power Supply Towers

Power Supply Towers

Two versions are available: wide and narrow. The Wide Tower supports any combination of up to five LH10, Mark II, LH6 Mark II, P600M, or Semray CPS3 power supplies. The Narrow Tower supports any combination of up to five P300 power supplies. An optional Power Distribution Box mounts on top of the tower to control and protect up to five power supplies with one switch. An optional E-Stop provides a "hard" emergency stop circuit to quickly turn off the irradiators.

MPE Cabinets

The cabinet provides centralized control either remotely or from the front of the cabinet for multiple microwave-powered UV curing systems and includes:

  • a single point for customer power connections
  • provides clean filtered air for the power supplies
  • PLC and touchscreen controls optional

Dichroic Reflectors

Dichroic Reflectors

Dichroic reflectors help reduce heat to your substrate. These reflectors can be specified for your new Noblelight America curing system or easily retrofitted into an existing system. Dichroic reflectors are exactly the same dimensions as a conventional reflector product, but have 50 or more dielectric coating layers applied to their surface. This coating reflects the UV, but absorbs much of the longer infrared (IR) wavelengths. This IR heat then dissipates from the reflector surface by air-cooling.

Replacement parts for UV Surface Disinfection systems from Noblelight

Replacament UV lamps

Noblelight recommends replacement of UV lamps in Premium UV disinfection systems (two UV lamps per cassette) once every two years, assuming 8,000 hours use per year. Some customers prefer to keep two spare UV lamps on hand for emergency, but premature failure is almost unheard of.

Quartz glass window pane with breakage detector

Each Noblelight Premium UV disinfection system has one quartz glass pane per cassette. Unless damaged, this does not need replacement before about 50,000 hours of use, perhaps every three lamp changes. Some customers prefer to keep one or two quartz glass panes in stock for emergencies.

O-ring gaskets, Filters, Spiral Hoses, and other spare parts

Bluelight Premium System

All consumable components of the Surface disinfection system are available from Noblelight.

Accessories and replacement parts for UV Environmental (air and water disinfection/treatment)

Replacement UV lamps for air and water treatment

Heraeus UV lamps

Noblelight offers a broad range of replacement UV lamps for air disinfection and drinking water, waste water, and industrial water treatment systems. Whether you need low pressure, medium pressure, or amalgam UV replacement lamps, we’ve got a lamp to suit your application.

Quartz sleeves available in various material grades

Quartz glass tubes

Protection tubes or quartz sleeves can be used for electrical isolation in water and for thermal insulation. The use of quartz sleeves permits easy cleaning of UV lamps and is used in various applications. Noblelight offers a variety of quartz sleeves with either open or closed (domed) ends.

UV protection sleeves from Noblelight are manufactured from high quality quartz glass: a material noted for its extremely high mechanical and thermal stability. In addition, quartz glass has a high transmittance to UV radiation.

Electronic ballasts

Electronic ballast

Noblelight recommends using electronic ballasts, or power supplies, because they are very stable and avoid problems with premature electrode aging and lamp failure. We offer different types of power supplies including:

  • Preheat version - preheat mode protects the electrodes, especially if the lamp will switched on/off rapidly.
  • Multi-lamp version – normally one power supply is needed for each lamp, however, Noblelight offers versions which can operate two or more lamps.

Individual electrical end connectors

Noblelight offers a variety of electrical end connectors with different configurations for UV lamps such as single-pin, 2-pin, and 4-pin.

UV lamp mounting clamps and spring supports

mounting clamps and spring supports

Noblelight offers a variety of different mounting clamps and spring supports for securely holding air disinfection UV lamps in place. These are typically used when retrofitting into HVAC ducts or on cooling coils.