BlueLight Hygienic

The Natural Germ Killer.

BlueLight® Hygienic System: The new UV solution for reliable surface disinfection of food packaging.

The innovative BlueLight® Hygienic System eliminates germs and minimizes energy costs – with extraordinary reliability (Log 3 reduction) and energy savings up to 90%!

Other facts that scare germs and delight customers: high UV intensity, cold radiation, no water cooling and low investment costs of the industry 4.0 ready system. Microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and molds are killed within seconds by intense UV light - the smart hygienic design with its high killing rate gives germs no chance.

BlueLight® Hygienic System – enables you to develop new areas of business.


With BlueLight® Hygienic System, you get the best out of different worlds. First, the smart hygienic design with its guaranteed high killing rate gives germs no chance: it kills microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts and molds within seconds using intense UV light.

It has a significantly higher output than conventional low pressure lamp systems. And if you compare it to medium pressure lamp systems, you’ll save an unbelievable amount of energy - up to 90%!


BlueLight®Hygienic System

  • Standardized flange for stainless steel pipe
  • One air cooling module and one control module for easy maintenance and service
  • One cable (5 m)
  • Additionally:
    - Kit with extension cable (25 m)
    - Hoses (3 m)

The UV module

  • Four high power bulbs for very high UV intensity
  • Large UV window with narrow frame
  • Hygienic design:
    - Sloped housing: no water or germ pool
    - Tri-clamp hose connections for standardized mechanical interface
    - Hygienic cable connectors and screws

Sample calculation of energy saving with BlueLight® Hygienic System:

Machine run time 3,500 hours / year*
Energy costs BHS = 1,260 € / year
(3 kW power) vs.
MP System = 21,000 € / year
(50 kW power)
Savings of energy costs per year 19,740 € / year

*two shift operation 0.12 € / kWh / 3,500 h


Compared to:

  • Low pressure lamp systems: Higher UV intensity, IP66, hygienic design
  • Medium pressure lamp systems: Reduced CO2footprint, no water cooling, high energy efficiency of 29%, cold radiation, low investment costs
  • Flash lamp systems: Low investment costs
  • H2O2systems: No use of chemicals
  • UV LED systems: Higher UV efficiency at lower costs
  • Water cooled systems: Air cooled system for easier and better maintenance