BlueLight® Premium UV system for surface disinfection of packaging

Does your freshly packaged food perish too fast? Is the shelf-life of your products too short? That not only increases returns and product loss, but wastes time and money.

Premium UV system

The solution is surface disinfection using UV light. Our BlueLight® Premium UV system is especially designed for food packaging disinfection such as packaging for paste-like, dry or liquid fresh products such as yogurt or milk. The surface disinfection process is cold, dry and without chemicals.

Your advantages

  • Packaging remains cool due to cold UV radiation
  • No chemicals used
  • Accelerated production process as the maximal warm-up time of the lamps is 90 seconds
  • Safe operation on production line due to breakage detector for lamps
  • Can be used also in moist environments due to protection class IP67
  • Extremely long life of the lamps with a high radiation intensity
  • Low-maintenance system
  • Module can be retrofitted to existing filling & sealing plants

Application areas

UV disinfection of yoghurt cups

Especially suitable for the disinfection of packaging such as:

  • Sealing foils
  • Cups and buckets
  • Pouches
  • Gable top packages

Technical data

Example Premium cassette type P2087 P8087.38
Number of amalgam lamps 2 8
Window size in mm 867 x 111 865 x 372
Window temperature in °C ~ 68 ~ 90
Cassette size in mm 1,060 x 170 x 110 1,030 x 434 x 155
Irradiance at a distance of 20 mm in mW/cm² 65 103
Weight in kg 27 45
Protection rating IP67 IP55
Separate power supply
Connected load in W 740 2,700