3 Primary Components of Noblelight's microwave-powered UV curing systems

LightHammer 6

Every microwave-powered UV curing system from Noblelight is made up of three primary components: an electrodeless bulb, a lamp module, and a power supply. Together these components provide consistent and reliable curing in the most demoing manufacturing environments.

Powered with microwave energy, without the metal electrodes required in arc lamps, this remarkable high-grade quartz bulb is fully guaranteed to last 8,000 hours or more (6,000 for additive types). Many users report an even longer bulb life. When a bulb does need replacing, it only takes three minutes.
Very rapid starts and restarts don’t decrease bulb life and the energy and spectral output are very stable. The electrodeless bulb emits less infrared heat, so there is significantly less heat to substrates than from arc bulbs. Noblelight offers bulbs with different spectral outputs allowing you more flexibility to match your changing UV curing process needs.

electrodeless UV bulb
modular UV lamp irradiator

The bulb and reflector are housed together in the lamp module. A focused elliptical reflector concentrates the maximum amount of UV energy on the substrate. No water cooling is required. Noblelight’s air-cooling system forces filtered air across the lamp from the back of the reflector. Dirt, dust and vapors are kept away, maintaining system cleanliness and reducing maintenance.
We offer systems with integral or remote blowers. The modular lamp design, with 6-inch or 10-inch widths, allows curing across any width or at any orientation around a three-dimensional part.

power supplies

Featuring an On/Off/Standby control for quicker job startups, lamps turn off instantly when the line stops for web breaks, plate changes, part jams, or other reasons. They can also be controlled for indexing operations. Complete safety and production line interlocks are built in, automatically bringing lamps to full power on start-up.
Several power supply models will operate at multiple power levels – some offering two or three preset levels and some offering continuously adjustable power from 35% to 100% of full power to the lamp module. Our newest series, the Mark II (LightHmmer 6 Mark II & Light Hammer 10 Mark II), incorporates solid state power supplies which reduces electricity consumption by 40%. In a multi-lamp system, any lamp can be switched on or off, providing an even wider range of power control. Lamp modules can be energized in sequence and coordinated with line speeds. For multiple power supply configurations, users can program one master power supply to control all others, or control via an external PLC. A control board pulls out for easy servicing. If any section of the system fails, a built-in display will indicate the location of the failure.