Consulting, simulation and advice regarding process optimization and energy efficiency

Infrared, ultraviolet, optical radiation sources or flash lamps - our lamps, emitters and systems help make your application a success. Apart from that, it is good to precisely know and understand the application.
If you do, the technology can be used in a way that enables innovative application or, in the case of existing industrial processes, to achieve a decisive advantage.

  • To dimension a plant, it is advantageous to perform simulations first:
    • CAE simulation for optimal air flow
    • Ray tracing
  • Energy consulting for existing and future systems
  • System operation training

We offer much more than infrared emitter technology to optimize your process:

CAE simulation instead of trial and error - optimize your processes

CAE simulation optimizes your process

In modern process development, numerical simulation (Computer Aided Engineering - CAE) is a key technology. Production facilities are analysed and optimised with the help of virtual product data models. Applied at a very early stage of the product development process, CAE provides methods tried and tested in practice to reduce development times and costs within the projects.
Industrial heat processes such as wafer cleaning/drying, paint drying or plastics forming are usually examined in the laboratory in a costly and time-consuming manner using thermal processing (TP). The use of CAE tools enables fast and efficient simulation and optimisation of these processes.

  • The use of CAE simulation enables the calculation of precise information about temperature distribution in substrates and components, or repercussions on ambient influences.
  • Air flow routing or possible pressure drops within various chambers of the plant can be calculated and visualised in dependence on the fans used and the temperature gradients.
  • In this way, changes to the design of the plants are checked already on the computer and optimisation measures are evaluated.
  • The reasons for quality fluctuation or options for optimising critical production steps can be detected. This makes it easy to find the possibilities to improve energy efficiency and process quality.

Ray tracing improves the process

Ray tracing

The simulation of individual rays from the radiation source to the product taking account of all possible reflections inside a module can help optimise the processes.

In infrared modules, for example, initially conducted ray tracing can help heat a product much more homogeneously with an optimally dimensioned module.

Energy consulting with optimum effect

Energy consulting

Can the paint be dried or cured faster? Can the scrap rate be reduced? Is the plant's energy consumption unnecessarily high?

Many companies ask themselves questions like these. The reduction of energy and material costs is an important element for industrial enterprises to stay competitive or to become more competitive. Often, optimisation of an existing plant makes much more sense and is cheaper than new procurement.

We offer consulting, support with individual advice, practice-oriented planning and prompt implementation of measures to optimise industrial plants and processes.