Develop and Test UV Formulations

Successful UV formulations require testing to ensure the ink, coating or adhesive meets customer requirements – functionality, aesthetics, production rates, and cost effectiveness.

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Let Excelitas Noblelight guide and support your UV formulating development. We’ll help ensure your lab testing translates to a successful UV curing process on real-world production lines with:

Research and Development

UV Curing Application Competence Center

The Noblelight Application Competence Centers (ACC) are the perfect place to take your UV formulation to the next level. We can replicate a full-scale production process without compromising confidentiality. Plus our UV curing application specialists work alongside you to conduct UV curing testing of your formulations.


  • Avoid risks and costs to test at a customer facility too early in your development
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Advance your formulation development faster – wider variety of UV curing equipment and process set-ups, more testing in less time

Services offered:

  • Analytical evaluation of cure & physical properties
  • UV curing process design & optimization – optimize lamp configuration, bulb spectra, working distance to your formulation
  • Feasibility testing of new processes – investment costs, production rates, etc. for calculating your customer’s ROI
  • Training you and your team during testing – radiometry, curing specifications, equipment operation, safety

The chart below lists the testing capabilities that are available at each US American site based on the type of equipment and the application tools.

Equipment Gaithersburg, MD Germany ACC Japan China
Microwave lamp systems F300 MB
F600/VPS (x2)
LH10/VPS (x2)
UV-LED Semray® UV4003/4103
Semray® UV2000
Semray® UV5000/7000
Noblelight arc lamps
Xe-Flash lamps
Conveyor LC6 benchtop, 150mm wide
Floor standing, 25 - 50cm wide
Nitrogen inerting
3-D curing facility Microwave lamps
IR lamps sw/mw/cb-lamps and modules
Radiometers EIT Power Map
EIT Power Puck II
Noblelight NobleProbe
Meyer bars / K Bars
Hand applicators for flexo inks
Applicator for offset inks
Spray application booth and spray gun
Test equipment Surface temperature IR thermometer
Cross hatch adhesion
Gloss meter
Pencil hardness
General Lab oven

UV Curing Equipment for Testing and Trials
Excelitas Noblelight offers loaner/rental UV curing systems for testing your UV formulation at a customer’s facility or pilot line. This typically follows testing in our Application Competence Center which confirmed and validated feasibility of your UV formulation for their production process. Before a customer will invest in a new UV process using your formulation, they need to prove it will work in a production setting.
Our technicians typically assist with UV curing equipment set-up and trials to ensure the system operates properly and safely. Depending on the specific length of the trial and type/amount of UV curing equipment needed, fees may apply. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and schedule.