Lab UV Curing Products

The broadest UV curing product line with the flexibility you need for efficient and quick UV formulations testing and R&D


Formulators need flexibility to simulate any cure condition -- different UV curing technologies, easily adjust curing conditions, using static or dynamic curing processes.

Heraeus Noblelight’s UV curing systems, conveyors, and chambers enable you to test formulations efficiently and quickly with the flexibility you need today and tomorrow.

Benefits of Heraeus Noblelight UV curing products for your lab:

  • Compare or test formulations with any UV curing technology – mercury arc, microwave-powered, or LED
  • Easily adjust cure conditions – UV spectra, conveyor speeds, working distance, etc.
  • Simulate static or dynamic UV curing conditions with our cure chamber or conveyors
  • Rest assured your lab work translates directly to the production process -- the Heraeus UV curing system you use in the lab is the exact same system in your customer’s full-scale production.
  • Not sure what you need? Contact us to help you determine the best equipment for your needs