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Our service experts are there for you at our four locations around the world. We will come to your site or handle your problem in one of our workshops.

Noblelight QR code

Starting from November 2019, you can find a label sticker with an unique ID for your Noblelight system. If you have an older system don’t hesitate to use the contact form anyway.

You prefer to phone us or write an E-mail?
Please use this number so that we can identify your device quickly.

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All our service teams are available during normal business hours within their respective time zone.
You can contact any location worldwide in order to get immediate support if you need help outside of working hours in your region.

Please provide the following information:

  • Shipping Address (in Case different to Billing Address)
  • Purchase Number / Reference / SAP Number
  • Billing Address
  • Contact Person with First and Last Name, E-Mail and phone number
  • Requested Service like Repair, Maintenance, Inspection, Others
  • Machine and Error Information like Machine Type, Operation Hours, Model Number, Software Version, Serial Number/Data Code, Error Code, QR Code ID
  • Failure Description

Sample questions for failure description:

  • Has the machine or control unit been changed before the error appeared?
  • How often does the error appear?
  • In which time period? Is the error reproducible or does it appear sporadically?
  • Have already any actions been taken?
  • Does the error also appear with another power supply or lamp?

Your personal data will be used solely for processing and responding to this request. For this reason, your data may, if necessary, be passed on to other companies in the Excelitas group. Moreover, the data will not be published, passed on to third parties, or used for any other purpose. Details on our data handling policy can be found in our  Privacy Policy.