Infrared emitters process building materials, pipes and floors extremely efficiently.

Infrared emitters are particularly suitable for the efficient production of materials used in the construction industry. These materials include non slip roof plates, safe roofing systems, hard wearing floor coverings and sewage pipes that are mechanically strong and chemically resistant.

Infrared emitters for building materials
Infrared emitters for building materials, tubes and floors

Infrared emitters transmit energy without contact, efficiently and homogeneously. Short-wave and carbon infrared emitters react within seconds, and allow heat processes to be controlled precisely. This way, no energy is wasted during embossing, laminating or thermoforming processes.

Your advantages with infrared:

  • Precise heat transmission helps process plastic products without deforming them.
  • Infrared emitters can be positioned accurately at the embossing gap which helps to save energy.
  • Shaped infrared emitters apply heat precisely where a pipe is to be formed.

See for yourself what infrared heat can do!
Here are some examples of application:

Infrared system for controlling plastic laminations

Infrared system enables enhanced control of plastic laminations.

A fast medium-wave infrared system supplied by Noblelight (Neston, Wirral) has significantly improved the control of Weatherfast Ltd (Great Barr) over its PVC laminating process of steel sheets / coils. The laminated steel sheets are used to produce gutters and downpipes. The new system requires less space than the previously used convection oven and due to its high ability to react, has also improved the quality of the products.

 Read our application example here.

Infrared system for plastic compound pipes

Infrared system for plastic compound pipes (Schlüsselbauer)

The concrete manufacturing company Betonwerk Mueller developed a new and revolutionary sewage pipe system called PERFECT Pipe. Pipes are moulded from plastic, fitted with bushings and cast in concrete. The use of a custom-made infrared system enables heating of the pipe ends during production without preheating time and without contact. This means faster heating, and the material cannot stick to the heat source.

 Read our application example here.

Infrared system for polymer-polymer connection in roof construction

Infrared system for polymer-polymer connection in roof construction (IKO)

Noblelight fast medium-wave infrared emitters and carbon infrared emitters help IKO PLC achieve an excellent connection between the layers of the polymer materials during the production of roofing systems in the Clay Cross production plant.

 Read our application example here.

There are many other examples such as the embossing of floorings, the production of carpets or the application of sound insulation in white goods.

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