Infrared heat technology for converting, textiles and non-wovens

Infrared Technology in Textile Processing Applications

Many different heating and drying processes are components of the manufacture and processing of textiles.

  • High value, technical textiles must manufactured to high standards.
  • Coatings on fabrics and materials must be be dried as quickly as possible.

The demands on heating systems are continuously increasing, and heating processes must keep pace with manufacturing processes. Infrared is a proven source of heat in textile processing, because IR transfers high heating power quickly.

This helps reduce energy consumption, increase production speeds and lower production costs.

Popular uses of IR in textile applications include:

Heraeus Offers Cure For Dyeing

A custom-built infrared drying system has helped Century Dyeing of Elland, near Leeds, to solve a problem which they were experiencing with the dyeing of a particular fabric for a specific customer. The innovative solution involved on-site tests at the Elland factory and the design of a system to provide sufficient drying within a very short time window and very tight space constraints.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for Dyeing

IR Pater carpet backing / Pater GmbH

Carpets should not slip on smooth floors. Fleeces with an anti-slip coating, so-called carpet underlays, ensure this. The double-sided coating of the fleeces must be dried individually and benefits from infrared heat technology.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for carpets

Infrared Heat Increases Productivity of Flameproof Textiles

Forgotten candles or a short circuit in the toaster – if a fire starts at home it should not get out of control. Curtains and home textiles should not contribute to the spreading of a fire and therefore they have to be equipped with flameretardant properties.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for flameproof textiles

Drying of Water-Repellent coating on fabric

A carbon infrared system is helping to increase production line speeds by providing pre-drying of a water repellent coating applied to a specialised fabric used in the manufacture of outdoor clothing. Moreover, its ease of control is also ensuring that there is no damage to the fabric caused by over-heating.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for the production of outdoor clothing

Carpet Backing with Infrared Improves Productivity

A medium wave infrared system from Noblelight is helping to double line speeds, while significantly reducing on-line maintenance problems at the Wilton Carpet Factory in Salisbury.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for textiles

Carbon emitters dry textile print on t shirts

Carbon infrared emitters optimize the drying of prints on T-shirts and other textiles in dryers by Calmatech BV, The Netherlands. Compared to the previously used halogen emitters, they use energy much more efficiently and only need half the time.

 Case Story: Infrared heat for textile print on t-shirts

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