Infrared Technology for Energy Applications

Infrared Technology for Energy Applications

Infrared technology from Noblelight offers many uses for high technology. The most popular high-tech applications for IR process heat are solar cells/photovoltaics and semiconductor manufacture. For photovoltaics, IR can be applied in the doping, diffusion, sintering, tabbing and stringing phases. In the semiconductor industry, manufacture of silicon wafers, floatglass and more can be aided by the precise, targeted properties of IR.

The benefits of infrared heat can also be achieved under extreme process conditions.

Thanks to the newly developed quartz reflector, the heating of carrier materials before or during coating processes can be carried out more efficiently in vacuum or at high ambient temperatures.

IR Heat for Anti Reflective Coating for Solar Cells

Solar cells aim to make optimum use of solar energy. An anti-reflective coating provides a significantly better absorption performance for solar cells. This coating is deposited in vacuum and at high temperatures.

It has been established that such high temperature processes can be carried out in a significantly more stable fashion using infrared heaters featuring the new  QRC ® (quartz reflective coating) reflectors, so that process parameters such as the temperature or heating time can be better maintained. This increases the energy efficiency of the system.

Noblelight works closely with their customers and offers infrared heaters which can be designed in terms of shape, size and spectrum to suit the relevant process.

The heating steps of some innovative processes are thus made possible, and complex heating processes can be reproduced to permit automation.

Infrared Heat for Power Plants, Pipelines or Adhesives