Kitchen exhaust air cleaning with UV in gastronomy

Your customer needs a clean and safe kitchen. This is why it uses your kitchen exhaust system, above all also against a "bad atmosphere". With UV solutions, your system will remain grease-free and the exhaust air almost odour-free permanently.
A real competive edge.

Grease deposits in extractor hoods and exhaust air ducts of commercial kitchens cause high cleaning costs, severe odour nuisances and increased fire hazards. Treatment with high-energy UV radiation photolyses, destroys and neutralises the molecules of greases and odours. This keeps the surface of the extractor hood clean and substantially facilitates the cleaning of the exhaust air duct. Where daily cleaning by hand was required before, the exhaust air duct now needs almost no manual cleaning at all.

This is confirmed also by the Heraeus canteen staff.

See how UV light can reduce odor and grease in the gastronomy!
Here some application examples:

Kitchen exhaust air cleaning with UV in Heraeus canteen:

Especially in large-scale catering establishments, the use of fats and oils causes unpleasant smells and stubborn deposits in air outlet and extraction hoods. Fat separators in the kitchen air extraction hood can trap just up to 95% of the grease in the outgoing air.
The rest is deposited in the hood casing and the exhaust air duct. This makes cleaning diffi cult, but above all it is unhygienic and, moreover, it means a high fi re hazard.
Heraeus Noblelight has developed special vacuum UV lamps for kitchen exhaust air.
In the wavelength of 185 nm (VUV), the fat molecules and odours are photolysed, destroyed and in this way neutralised.

Before installation

Before the installation of the Heraeus Noblelight kitchen module the kitchen hood is contaminated with grease. This causes high effort for cleaning activities and also is the basis for odour problems.

After kitchen hood

After 3,000 hours installation of the Heraeus solution the kitchen exhaust air has dramatically been reduced.

UV solution for kitchen hood

The management of the language school Humboldt Institut e.V. has been put under pressure from environmental agencies in the city to react to the odor complaints of one of the neighbors of the language school, otherwise the kitchen would need to shut down, leaving the students without meals. Upon visiting the kitchen facilities (a kitchen hood of around 4,000 cubic meters/hr, running 2 shifts of warm food and 1 shift of cold food), it was clear that UV could be a good solution.

Kitchen hood with UV system

Especially the large kitchens in big shopping malls or office buildings require a good duct and filter system to keep the environment clean and hold odors back. In Chinese restaurants though, the grease pollution is high and the filters protecting the ventilation system of a real estate object in Birmingham had to be changed every week. These pricey filters made a lot of trouble.
To save costs, time and disposal, Jacobs Bond Pascoe Ltd. installed a UV solution from Heraeus.

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