Grease and odor control for food service

Your customers rely on your kitchen hood exhaust system fora clean and safe kitchen. With Noblelight’s UV solutions, your system will remain grease-free and the exhaust air nearly odor-free permanently - areal competitive edge.

Grease deposits in kitchen hoods and exhaust air ducts of commercial kitchens cause high maintenance costs, severe odor nuisances and increased fire hazards. Treatment with high-energy UV radiation photolyzes, destroys and neutralizes the molecules of grease and odors. This keeps the kitchen hood surfaces clean and substantially minimizes exhaust ductwork cleaning and maintenance costs.

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Video: Efficient odor and grease reduction with UV solutions from Noblelight

Grease deposits in kitchen hoods and exhaust-air ducts of canteen kitchens cause huge expenses for cleaning, strong odor nuisance and increased fire risks. Treatment with energetic UV radiation can be used as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to laborious cleaning of the exhaust-air ducts.

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Kitchen hood exhaust air cleaning with UV in Noblelight cafeteria:

Especially in large-scale foodservice establishments, the use of fats and oils causes unpleasant smells and stubborn deposits in exhaust air ducts and kitchen rhoods. Fat separators in the kitchen exhaust hood can remove only up to 95% of the grease carried along in the exhaust air flow.

The rest is deposited in the hood and the exhaust air duct. This makes cleaning difficult, but above all it creates a high fire hazard.

Noblelight‘s specialized vacuum UV lamps for kitchen exhaust hoods,

in the wavelength of 185 nm (VUV), photolyze, neutralize, and destroy the grease molecules and odors.

UV solution for kitchen hood

The management of the language school Humboldt Institute.V. was under pressure from the city environmental agency after neighbors of the language school complained about odors. If the odor problem couldn’t be resolved, the school faced the prospect of having to shut down the kitchen, leaving the students without meals. Upon visiting the kitchen facilities (a kitchen hood of around 4,000 cubic meters/hr, running 2 shifts of warm food and 1 shift of cold food), it was clear that UV could be a good solution.

Kitchen hood with UV system

Large kitchens in shopping malls or office buildings require an especially good exhaust duct and filter system to keep the environment clean and minimize odors. In Chinese restaurants though, the grease accumulation is high and the filters protecting the ventilation system in a building in Birmingham, UK had to be changed every week. These filters were not only expensive, but also required a lot of maintenance time to replace.

To save costs, time and disposal, Jacobs Bond Pascoe Ltd. installed a UV solution from Noblelight.

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