Pipe & Tube Coating Applications

Tube coatings

Metal pipe and tube, typically made of galvanized steel, is used for fence posts, sprinkler systems, electrical conduit and mechanical tubing and is coated with a clear or pigmented coating to prevent corrosion or to enhance product aesthetics. Instead of off-line coating typical in most tube mills, using UV-curable coating enables in-line coating resulting in much higher production rates. The near 100% solids UV coatings are applied via spray, vacuum transfer, or flood-and-wipe at speeds ranging from 75 ft. to 800 ft. per minute.

Pipe & Tube UV Coating Advantages:

  • Lower production costs due to less labor and work-in-process
  • Higher production rates
  • Higher quality, differentiated product
  • Significally less floor space requirements
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower envrionmental emissions


Tube UV curing

Noblelight's modular microwave-powered UV curing systems are especially suited for in-line or off-line pipe and tube coating due to their flexible orientation, modular design, and high power. Our Custom Products Group has designed and built many UV curing chambers for a variety of types and sizes of metal pipe and tube.

Noblelight also works closely with pipe and tube line integrators who incorporate our UV curing systems onto complete lines which apply the coating, cure it and also integrate handling, cutting and all controls.

Your Applications:

  • Electrical conduit
  • Galvanized metal fence posts
  • Fire sprinkler piping
  • Greenhouse metal tubing
  • Other steel pipe and tube needing corrosion protection during storage and transport