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Noblelight invented microwave-powered UV curing system technology. Compared to arc lamp curing technology, it offers significant improvements in production speeds, process consistency, operating lifetimes, and reduced heat onto the substrate. Noblelight’s easy-to-service modular design provides process flexibility with lower cost of ownership.

microwave-powered UV curing system

Our microwave-powered UV curing system products are available in a variety of power classes and with a choice of different UV broadband wavelength output bulbs to meet your industrial curing needs. These UV curing systems easily retrofit into existing production lines or can easily integrate into new production processes. Our newest systems are Industry 4.0 ready with imbedded sensors and microprocessors.

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Microwave-powered UV curing products

Noblelight's microwave-powered UV curing systems consist of three primary components

1. Electrodeless bulb - long guaranteed service life of 6,000 to 8,000 hours, very consistent output, available in a variety of wavelengths so you can optimize the UV curing to your specific process needs.

2. Lamp module - available in either 6-inch or 10-wide air-cooled modules, combine to span across any width process or position around three-dimensional parts, switch off individual modules not needed to reduce operating costs.

3. Power supply - provides efficient operation and flexible control.

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Application areas

Noblelight’s microwave-powered UV curing systems are used in hundreds of industrial ultraviolet curing applications from automotive headlamps to flooring, medical devices, wire marking and electronic components. Discover what it can do for your manufacturing process.


 Medical devices



 Plastic decorating and coating

 Glass decorating




 Converting and Siliconizing

 Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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