Air cooled UV LED systems

Air-cooled UV LED curing systems offer simple installation for curing and drying processes. Because no additional chillers are needed air-cooled solutions are usually less expensive and require less maintenance than water-cooled systems. To see the various power classes offered as well as wavelengths of our UV LED air-cooled curing systems, please see below.

Semray® UV2000 Serie

The Semray® UV2000 series is compact, lightweight and modular, ideal for low power applications. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with other UV LED light sources.

Model Semray® UV2000
Peak Wavelength1) [nm] 365, 385, 395, 405
Typ. Irradiance2)3) [W/cm2] 365: 3.3
385: 4.5
395: 5.5
405: 5
Emission window [mm2] 75 x 10
Outer dimensions of housing (WxDxH) [mm3] 77 x 120 x 28

1)Tolerance +/- 5 nm.

2)Value applies to maximum fan speed and maximum lamp current

3)Typical irradiance at emission window.

Semray® UV4103

Semray® UV LED system

Semray® UV4103 the LED curing system is versatile applicable and fulfills many different curing process requirements, without sacrificing quality and performance, due to its modular design and revolutionary plug & play backplane concept.

The simple things are working best.
That’s why we made things simple for you.

  • ONE UV LED segment.
  • ONE backplane.
  • ONE data cable.
  • ONE power cable.
  • Independent of the width.

Semray® UV4103 is the easy-to-use UV plug & play revolution – and the smart solution for your production process. Semray® UV 4000 series provides smart answers to all your challenges.

More information about the Semray® UV4000 series

Model UV4103 Segment UV4103-01 UV4103-20
Peak wavelength [nm] 365, 385, 395, 405 365, 385, 395, 405 365, 385, 395, 405
Typ. Irradiance [W/cm2] 365 nm: 13
385 nm: 15
395 nm: 18
405 nm: 17
365 nm: 13
385 nm: 15
395 nm: 18
405 nm: 17
365 nm: 13
385 nm: 15
395 nm: 18
405 nm: 17
Emission Window [mm2] 77 × 45 77 × 45 1.540 x 45
Dimensions (W × D × H) [mm3] 77 × 136 × 253 112 x 136 x 253 1.540 x 136 x 253

Semray® UV PC6003

Semray® UV PC6003

Introducing the Semray® UV PC6003, a UV LED curing system designed from the ground up for optical fiber draw and coloring manufacturing processes!

Active in the optical fiber market since its inception, Heraeus Noblelight understands your challenges and the requirements your UV curing systems need to deliver. Reliable and consistent UV curing for high quality, 24/7 continuous manufacturing operations are a must. Downtime is very costly!

Our new Semray® UV PC6003 LED curing system, goes above and beyond to meet production speeds while reducing downtime and lowering total cost of ownership. Plus we made retrofitting existing draw towers and other fiber and cable processing lines easy and cost effective. The typical payback for retrofitting a draw tower is about 2 years.

Learn more about Semray® UV PC6003

UV PC6003 UV LED Lamp Assembly
Cooling Internal fans
Wavelength 395 nm
Irradiance at Target 65-70 W/cm2
Uniformity >80% at target
Power Output Range 40%-100%