F series

The F series UV curing products are Noblelight’s production-proven and simple to use systems. In use for decades across the globe, these systems are often the starter system for new UV curing processes or for conversions from UV arc lamp curing processes. Also ideal for less sophisticated production environments and for use in lab settings.


  • Simple installation
  • Simple, easy to use controls
  • Most economical first cost
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Popular bulb spectra available
  • Ability to process heat sensitive substrates - lower heat compared to mercury arc lamps

F300 series

F300 series

This compact system includes a 6-inch wide irradiator (lamp module), electrodeless bulb and a power supply. Available with integral or external blower for cooling.

  • Lamp bulb length - 15 cm
  • Power class - 120 W/cm (300 W/in)
  • Cooling air – optional integral blower available
  • Power setting - optional fast restarting available
  • Device footprint (W x L) - 208 x 168 mm
  • Compatible with LC6B Benchtop and DRS 10/12 floor-standing conveyors

 Download data sheet F300 Series

F600S series

F600 series

This reliable and solid performing system includes a 10-inch wide irradiator (lamp module), electrodeless bulb and power supply. Requires external blower for cooling.

  • Lamp bulb length - 25 cm
  • Power class - 240 W/cm (600 W/in)
  • Power settings - two levels,160 or 240 W/cm
  • Device footprint (W x L) - 206 x 267 mm
  • Compatible with DRS 10/12 floor standing conveyors

Recent design improvements deliver:

  • Easy & fast software updates via USB interface
  • Reduced downtime with easy troubleshooting – front panel displays data, stores 10 fault data points
  • RoHS design for CE compliance
  • Robust and reliable operation and control, even in harsh environments, due to effective electrical isolation

 Download data sheet F600 series

F450 series*

F450 series

The F450 10-inch microwave-powered UV curing system is no longer available as of July 2017. As part of our product roadmap we are moving all power supplies to solid state technology. As a result, we replaced the F450 system’s P150 power supply with a new solid state version, the LightHammer® LHP10L Mark II. Existing F450 system users can now upgrade their systems by simply replacing the power supply. The new power supply reduces energy costs and works with existing I250 irradiators, blowers and RF detectors. Please contact your sales representative for details.

 Download data sheet LHP10L Mark II

Upgrade to UV LED now!

Our new UV LED curing system, designed as a drop-in replacement for existing F450 curing systems, enables you to get the operating cost savings of UV LED technology with minimal production interruption.  Learn More

VPS Series Discontinued – Move to LightHammer Series or Get a Direct Replacement Solid State Power Supply*

VPS series

The VPS/I600 and VPS/I250 10-inch microwave-powered UV curing systems with variable power are no longer available – it has been superseded by the newer  LightHammer Series for new curing systems installations.

If you have an existing VPS system, you can upgrade your VPS6 power supply to a new solid state version, the LightHammer® LHP10H Mark IIM. The new direct replacement power supply reduces energy costs, works with existing I600 and I250 irradiators, blowers and RF detectors, and is AIMS enabled for real-time monitoring. Please contact your sales representative for details.

 Download data sheet LHP10H Mark IIM

*For discontinued products Noblelight strives to support with parts for a minimum of seven years and in some cases well beyond. Please  contact Noblelight directly for parts availability.