Semray® UV4203 LED UV Curing Solution

Semray® UV4203 LED UV Curing Solution

A high-power air-cooled LED system offering the flexibility to optimize your UV curing process in a wide variety of applications

Semray® UV4203 LED Curing Solution

Coating, printing, and bonding processes are complex requiring extensive process and application know-how. Therefore, a reliable and robust UV curing system is especially important to help minimize production downtime and ensure excellent product quality. The newly upgraded UV LED curing system, Semray® UV4203, is versatile, applicable, and fits a broad array of UV curing processes, without compromising quality and performance.

Semray® UV4203, an easy to handle plug-and-play air-cooled UV curing system, provides a smart solution for your production process, helping you overcome all curing challenges.

Semray® UV4203 offers these benefits:

  • High productivity: achieve significantly higher line speeds with high intensity even at working distances above 20mm
  • Reduced downtime: quick and easy LED module removal, replaceable LED engine
  • Space saving, easy to install/retrofit: compact design without water chiller or hoses
  • Process flexibility: easy width, working distance, intensity and wavelength adjustment
  • Sustainable manufacturing process: reduces VOCs, CO2, and is ozone and mercury free

Product Advantages

  • High-intensity, robust air-cooled system
  • Dimming from 20% to 100%
  • Uniformity >90% from 20 mm working distance
  • Compact modular design scalable for different widths
  • Easy replacement and wavelength adjustment

Application areas

Ideal for a wide variety of applications in coating, printing and bonding applications such as conformal coating, display bonding, film laminating, industrial coating & printing in multiple industries from automotive, medical device, and semiconductors to electronics and display, functional films, etc.

Technical data

Features Parameter
Peak wavelength (nm) 365, 385, 395, 405
Typical intensity at emission window [W/cm²] 12, 13, 16, 16
Power Consumption [W] 400, 520, 600, 600
Emission window (WxD) [mm] 75 x 45
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 77 x 150 x 256
Communication Analog and RS485 MODBUS
Operating temperature [°C] 10 - 40
Operating humidity 80% (Max.)
Cooling type Air-cooled
Fan speed [RPM] 16500 (Max.)
Noise level [dbA] <68
Enclosure Rating IP20

Irradiance Output

Technical data: Semray® UV4203 irradiance output

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