UV Curing for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

UV curable pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) offer an environmentally friendly curing process for manufacturers making tapes, labels, and other products needing permanent, semi-permanent, and removable adhesion. Compared to solvent-based PSAs, UV cured products exhibit better high-temperature stability and solvent resistance.

UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesives on tapes

UV-curable pressure sensitive adhesives find application on tapes, labels and other specialty applications such as industrial tapes for sound dampening in the automotive industry – especially those demanding high-temperature stability and solvent resistance. UV PSAs have demonstrated improved performance on PVC, elastomers and polyethylene.

Manufacturers facing increasingly stringent environmental regulations find UV-curable PSAs are an excellent alternative to traditional solvent-based PSAs. The UV-curable hot melt adhesives are applied using standard roller- or slot-die coating machines followed by in-line UV curing.

Your advantages using UV curing:

  • Low application temperatures, especially when using UV LED curing systems, won’t damage heat sensitive substrates
  • Reduced VOC emissions
  • Improved shear resistance at high temperatures
  • High chemical, moisture, and temperature resistance
  • Increased production rates
  • Reduced downtime

Your applications using UV curing:

  • Self-adhesive permanent or removable labels - even deep-freezer and high temperature applications
  • Medical tapes and bandages, hygenic pads
  • Industrial tapes like that for construction, fog-free tapes
  • Industrial intermediate products such as automotive sound dampening sheets, mounting/assembly tapes
  • Protective films, lamination materials such as protective window films